Clergy Taxation

Clergy Taxation


If you receive income as a Minister of Religion then you must complete annual Tax Returns. Mintaplan has specialised in clergy taxation (for all denominations) since we were founded back in 1978. For ministers who use our Personal Tax Service we use forms which were designed specifically with clergy in mind. We can also provide our clients with a “Ministers’ Worksheet” which can be used to assist with record keeping throughout the year.

We assist our clients with the following issues which are particularly pertinent to clergy

Job Expenses

Claiming tax relief for out of pocket expenses (including running costs for the manse/vicarage) incurred in the course of ministry.

Fee Income

Where additional payments are received for preaching/funerals/weddings these must be declared to HMRC.

Tax Codes

It is important that any tax code received is checked. If the tax code is incorrect large underpayments or overpayments of tax can arise.

Rental income

A many clergy live in tied accommodation whilst retaining other properties either as investments or as a future home. Rental profits must be declared to HMRC.

Private Residence Relief

A Capital Gains Tax relief which can be claimed where certain criteria are met.